It’s simple!

Our hack detects the game and the premium currency that occurs in the game or application. It takes few seconds and then you can add choosen amount the premium currency to your game/application. You will certainly be satisfied with using our hack! Our cheat uses the latest VPN encryption, so using it you are completely secure and you do not expose your account to ban! It’s very easy to use. Just download and install it. It works on many applications. In the home tab are games for which the hack is constantly being improved. There are games and applications to which the hack works constantly, and if it stops – we will inform you as soon as possible! You didn’t find your game on our homepage? Nothing lost! Download the hack and try it on your application – there is a high probability that it will work.


Do you have an additional question or problem with the download / download? Write us an e-mail and describe your problem and our support will try to help as soon as possible! In order for us to diagnose the problem well, please provide an email about your operating system, free space on your phone, and whether the phone is rooted. We usually reply within 2 hours of sending the message. Sometimes support may ask for additional information, which should also be provided. However, do not worry about it – during the last month only 4 people needed our help. Problems are therefore very rare.


In addition to in-game currencies, thanks to our cheat you can add instagram followers and points on Snapchat! Just select any number of suggested ones and press „start”. Using these applications has never been so pleasant!

How does it look like? Watch now this video!


Can I get banned for using your hack?

  • If you check ”anti ban”, then your account is not at risk of being banned!

Is it free?

  • Everything on our site is free!

How long should I wait for premium currency?

  • It takes few seconds!

Does hack also work in applications for which there are no videos on your site?

  • Hack works on many applications. You can use it for all applications but unfortunately it will not always work. Applications in which it works are always on the home page.

How often can I use the hack?

  • You can use it as often as you like!

We hope you enjoy using our hack! If you have more questions contact us.

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